A Declaration of the Faithful Remnant by Franz Bibfeldt

1. We will strive to include and encourage women leaders, the LGBT community, those of diverse socio-economic backgrounds, cross dressers, the less tech saavy, the homeless, those without education, people of different generations, habedashers, the developmentally disabled, the dying, and those of different ethnic and geographic backgrounds. 
2. We will limit our sanctimonious language to a minimum and call each other on it when it occurs. In humility we accept rebuke when we pound the pulpit too strongly.
3. As much as we would like to embrace open source anarchism we find that there are people called out to leadership within the Bible and throughout the church’s history. There will be times when leaders will need to lead and others will need to follow.
4. We refuse to believe that every idea is valid and that every voice is equally heard. Sometimes the loudest voice dominates any supposed democratic process and needs to be quieted for the good of the whole. Sometimes we all need to be told to be quiet and listen.
5. We don’t believe that conversation is enough. A movement by its very nature is moving and requires active participation around general trajectories. These trajectories should be judged by their potential to fulfill mercy, grace and peace by spreading Christ’s love throughout the world. 
6. We believe that our capacity for cynicism kills our creative energy for wonder. Wonder is an essential element in the spiritual life and opens our eyes to God’s creation and the wisdom that expands from the universe to our God.
7. We believe that we should give away as much as is possible.
8. We believe that people should have the ability to laugh at themselves and if they are unable to do so they are psychos. 
9. Everyone should be allowed to write bad and corny poetry.
10. Being snarky is our part of the Imago Dei . 
11. We will not be disappointed if this is all there is. Actually we will live our lives with that as an expectation.
12. Wisdom is way too underappreciated and will be the goal of any serious spiritual practice.
13. Our #1 theological creed is freedom in Christ! All the rest are blown away. 
14. No one should be allowed to wear jog bras without them being covered by a t-shirt.
15. Supports the wearing of comfortable shoes, all other shoes are a symbolism of slavery to sin.
16. Penal Substitutionary Atonement is gross, disturbing and silly to say in random conversations.
17. Super limber people should not stretch in public. We get it, you can put your foot over your head.
18. Miley Cyrus only has a few more good years of fame, so cut her some slack.
19. We believe in equal pay for equal work.
20. We believe in childcare.
21. We believe that something happened in the 1950’s and 1960’s in culture and the church, but that it is no more revolutionary or unique than our current ethos.
22. We believe that affordable Healthcare for everyone is important.
23. We believe that Synods are fanciful places where unicorns run free and trolls rule the spaces under bridges.
24. We believe that anything in comic books holds intrinsic value. 
25. Extra Calvinisticum should be a song by Julie Andrews.
26. Paper, Rock, Scissors will replace Robert’s Book of Rules
27. Dance Tunes will replace the rubber gavel.


One Response to “A Declaration of the Faithful Remnant by Franz Bibfeldt”

  1. Kitty Says:

    Loved number 23. Sad but true about the Synods. Glad you finally put my thoughts into words. Bravo!

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