Police Called to Con Ed Event

When nationally known emergent author Billy Saucer came to First Presbyterian Church of Metro Crossing he could never have anticipated the feisty group of women and racial/ethnic clergy that he would encounter.  Things started of on the wrong foot when Billy decided to change the name of his presentation from the event’s “Presbyterians and the Emergent Church” to “Mainline Church’s Irrelevancy.”

The conflict only escalated when he answered accomplished author Rev. Rodrigez Salazar’s question about the lack of ethnic diversity in the movement.  Salazar took exception to the idea that there just weren’t leaders of national prominence in those communities.  He added that women had made the same complaint and that if they just stepped up the organic nature of the flattened structure would take care of any sociological hierarchies that any emergent group exhibited because they where depending on the Spirit to return them to the early church.

Things deteriorated into a call to 911 when Billy called the clergy “Poseurs” for having retirement and health insurance.  He also indicated that they should leave the denominations that they were a part of because they were merely stifling institutions.  They should trust totally in God and they lacked faith.  After the police broke up the melee Billy was rushed to the airport to return to the seminary where he is a professor.

“We paid $5,000 to that fool to put us down and be ugly.”  Rev. Connie Meekness claimed.


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