Presbytery’s New Church Development

“Round and Round she goes, Where she stops only Jesus knows!”  We want to welcome the Presbytery’s newest ministry Jesus’ Cloak Casino.  Black Jack, Slots and Roulette will be lighting up the night in Meridian Platte.  This new ministry was made possible with the money from the sale of First Presbyterian Church of Bogadonavine.  There will be services each Sunday at  11 am in the First Presleyterian Chapel of Taking Care of Business.   There will be a clergy available for weddings as well.

New Church Development Minister Sara Plumpkin explains that the idea came to the committee when they considered what other churches did with the money that had been endowed to them over the years.  “They have been basically betting on the stock market with that money, so we got the idea to make other’s bet against the church.”

Welcome to the Presbytery and we hope that everyone is All In with this ministry.


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