Books Available

First Presbyterian Church of Gable Stone is graciously donating the remainder of its library for any other church’s use.  Please call them to by next Thursday to claim these items or they will be sending them to the Missionaries in Africa.  The books left are:

-A complete set of 1976 Sunday School material.

-The Layman’s Bible Commentary.

-Various Corrie Ten Boom books.

-Billy Graham’s Approaching Hoofbeats

-Hal Lindsay’s The Late Great Planet Earth

-Book of Orders from 1971-1988

-Various Copies of the Red Hymnal

-3 volumes of the Do It Yourself Encyclopedia from Popular Mechanics (1955)


One Response to “Books Available”

  1. Christina Says:

    Darn, if they’d had the VHS promotional videos for the introduction of PREM, I might have risen to the bait.

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