Presbyterian Masculine Society Declares Presbytery has lost “Moral Authority”

In a bold blog post Presbyterian Masculine Society (PMS) deriding the “Underground Railroading” of secular humanistic, universalistic, non-historical, Biblically wanting, feminist, homosexually accepting and credal tolerant leadership of the Presbytery of Silly Walks in the Pines.  In their weekly blog, PresbyMan, Joe Simpson derided the “lack of integrity” that these younger ministers have.  He continues that this is the reason that “we need to keep using our ecclesiastical system to root them out and run them out on that underground rail.  We should use the system like a battering ram of truth.  Jesus needs our help.”

Gay loving elder Frances Wolverton proclaimed, “It is a shame they are fighting a battle that they have already lost.  In 2o years these leaders they are persecuting will have been shown to be morally on the right side of this issue.  Why do they use our system to persecute people for following their conscience?  I thought we were protestants.  It doesn’t say that the PresbyMan is Lord of the conscience, that is a position only Jesus can take.”


One Response to “Presbyterian Masculine Society Declares Presbytery has lost “Moral Authority””

  1. abbiewatters Says:

    Amen, Frances!

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