Moving Violations

Now that I have fully recovered from shingles I want to return my voice into the fray on a variety of issues confronting my beloved Presbyterian Church.  Last week we auctioned off the pews and pulpit from First Presbyterian Church of Bonny Lane.  It was a sad event.  We took down the cross and gave the Red Hymnals to the Ethnic congregations.  History, fellowship and pot lucks of over 89 years dissolved in that one afternoon.  I know that the Presbytery already has an offer from a developer to tear it down and build a Sam’s club.  This would be ironic since some of the only money that we spend on New Churches comes from a Walton fund.  They might as well get the land from a closed one as well.

I heard somewhere that we are closing 9 churches a month in the Presbyterian church and I wanted to remember them well.  It is not just the current 3 members of a place that made Bonny Lane special.  It was 89 years of faithful servants who made that place wonderful.  The years of confirmations, Sunday School, baptisms, communion and prayer.  That is why I hope that this presbytery does something thoughtful and life-giving with the money from it’s sale.  There is already talk that it would be nice to use to pay for the 5 staff members in the Presbytery office, especially with this year’s budget shortfall.  I do not support it going to Terry’s salary.  I just do not see the need for Parliamentary historian.

So, to all the Bonny Lanes kudos!  We hope that we will be faithful to your memory by remembering what it means to start something new.


One Response to “Moving Violations”

  1. huggosaurus Says:

    I pray something new is started from the ashes…from ashes, life. Is this a sad thing or a thing of “progress”? Presbyterians definitely need a new song, a new outlook, though the old God will do just fine, thank you.

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