New Ad Blames Conservatives For Denominational Decline

In a move that shocked and surprised many this Sunday the advocacy group Restore Presbyterianism put out full page ads in major markets across the United States. The ads are controversial because they implicate Conservative groups who barred the ordination of LGBT members in full standing as the reason for the decades of membership decline in the United States. With a graph whose arrow is rapidly moving southward the ad proclaims in big letters: “Guess Who We Have To Blame For This?”

The Ads also make an appeal for the church to live out its promise of love of the stranger, mercy and love for our neighbor. The campaign is part of a push back against conservatives who have used ham handed efforts to exploit the new approval of 10A by a majority of Presbyteries.

Restore Presbyterianism’s President Mallory Jinkins contends, “These people are not interested in truth or democratic process, they are interested damage. They now are talking about non-geographical presbyteries for conservatives. Yet, they refuse to even make their per capita giving. They are not being connectional as many opportunities as the denomination has tried to placate them. Many of us stayed true to the denomination, even when we felt the Book of Order was unjust. Now they are stirring schism. We want to show them that we are not afraid. We will grow and flourish.”


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