Vision Conference Drafts Paper

Vision is a gathering of people who are concerned with the church. Each year they gather to think about the possibilities for the church’s future trajectories. Each year a document is circulated that sums up the discussion of each year’s gathering. This year’s paper came up with the clever acronym TIM which is the name of Vision’s founder Tim Poweder. Tim stands for:


Tim explaned that “over the past 21 years the hope of this gathering has been that we would generate an actionable, concrete plan to move the church forward. We have participated in many discussions and a writing group tries to synthesize them all into a “Vision” statement. We now have 21 Vision Statements and working through Bread and Wine Press we will put them together into a historic document for the church. We are hoping that it will be a time capsule in which future generations can understand the church that we hoped would exist in this moment.”


2 Responses to “Vision Conference Drafts Paper”

  1. Aaron Says:

    This is f’ing brilliant and I want to anonymously send it to a few select people!

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