Rev. Sally Wong Calls a Press Conference

Just a day after attempting to rescue the word Evangelical from conservative Christians Sally Wong is giving up. At a press conference this morning she declared the word is not “redeemable”. It seems that upon further study and reason the Liberal Progressive Post-Christians have determined that they will abandon the fight because of entrenched misogyny, homophobia, exclusivism, poor theology, bad geography plus the inability and unwillingness of the LPPC membership to meet with people some described as “trailer trash”.

A dejected Wong declared, “We realized how different we are when we looked at the demographics. This comes on the heels of our annual Bible study call ‘Comfort Zones: The Necessity of Wandering for 40 Years in the Desert’. I think that had a lot to do with our members saying no to stepping outside their comfort zone. As Martin Luther showed us it is a lot to ask of Mainline Protestants to lunch with the peasants. We have a history here after all.”


One Response to “Rev. Sally Wong Calls a Press Conference”

  1. Larry Branch Says:

    My bible reads “all things are possible in Christ”. I go to one of these churches. I was one of the evangelicals. If I can change there is hope for my brothers and sisters. It is not easy when you are strapped to a stake and they ask you for a match. But I remember some other guys in a fire and Jesus showed up for them.

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