Liberal Progressive Post-Christians Take Back Evangelical

Rev. Sally Wong Leads a Liberal Progressive Post-Christian Protest

Spokewomyn Rev. Sally Wong knows it will be an uphill battle but her PSWP advocacy group Liberal Progressive Post-Christians have decided to take back the word Evangelical from more conservative Christians.

“We think the time is ripe for an education revolution. At LPPC we are convinced that we haven’t talked enough. If we talk more then the other side will be convinced that the original meaning of the word Evangelical should be normative. We know that we are a group of 65 people as compared to millions of conservative evangelicals, but we have reason and education on our side. We sent out a mailing to our group and they are unanimously on board.” Sally said with a lilt of excitement.

When asked how LPPC would combat the millions of dollars of marketing that Conservative Evangelicals have to work with she winked and said, “we have truth and reason.”

We look forward to the LPPC reclaiming the word evangelical. Battle on!


2 Responses to “Liberal Progressive Post-Christians Take Back Evangelical”

  1. Debra Avery Says:

    You forgot coffee hour. We have coffee hour on our side. OR DO WE…

  2. Ryan Kemp-Pappan Says:

    I am with our LPPC sisters and brothers. I am all for taking sexy back!

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