No One Injured in Cross Incident

It seemed like a good idea at the time for Rev. Jill Hendertight to dust off the old cross from the storage room. The 15 foot tall cross is made out of old cypress wood. It once stood prominently on the front lawn in front of the sanctuary of First Presbyterian Church of Fayettetown. After a gigantic church split it was decided to take down the cross that had been donated by a prominent defecting family (now Methodists).

At Sunday morning service many acknowledged the large cross leaning against the sanctuary wall West wall. On two sides giant palm leaves were affixed. While the choir sang Be Thou My Vision the top heavy cross began to slid sideways. On its descent Bobby Denison cried “Timber!” Unfortunately, this distracted everyone until they heard the tinkling crash of one of the Lefarge Stained glass windows. Ironically this was the pane depicting our Lord’s arrest. Experts have declared the priceless window to be a total loss. Since no one occupies the first five rows of pews congregants were fortunately uninjured.


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