Presbyterian Century Magazine Changes Name

If you have wondered what happened to the old standard Presbyterian Century Magazine it is getting a facelift. By changing its name to Presbyterian Daze! the magazine hopes to attracting a younger demographic. You will notice that the paper will also change from glossy to flat and color to black and white.

“This is not a cost cutting measure, but an entire rethinking of who we are in the Presbyterian world” excited Editor Susan Lucan responds.

Don’t worry there will still be Ed’s Lectionary Corner and Plenty of clergy essays on why Calvinism is relevant to a post-modern world. It will also still highlight the Christian education programs that 300 to 600 member Presbyterian Churches are doing to change the world. You wont want to miss even a weeks worth of retirements and necrology.

So, get your postcard ready to send in for a subscription. It may take 6 to 8 weeks to process, but I am sure it will be a valuable read.


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