Amendment 10-A Passes Presbytery

In a Presbytery where possibly 30% of it’s elders and clergy are a part of the LGBTQ community we celebrate the our affirmative vote on Amendment 10-A to the Book of Order. Many hope that this will make legal what they have already been doing for decades. Affirming the leadership of the people they know best.

“I think that this is a victory for our presbytery. Yet, it is about the 15th time we have voted to erase this part of our Book of Order.” Rev. Charles Gooden said as his husband looked on.

Not everyone was happy by the vote Tuesday night. “This is the end of the Presbyterian Church and possibly the world as we know it. It is another blow to Biblical Family Values! Man’s order is chaos but God’s order is pure. My wife Cynthia knows her place and so do my children.” Rev. Bob Leslie pointed out.

When it was argued in the debate that Biblical Family values would include bride prices, polygamy, stoning disobedient children and arranged marriages Rev. Leslie countered that we are now under a new covenant. Things have changed.


2 Responses to “Amendment 10-A Passes Presbytery”

  1. Kathy Randall Says:

    “Things have changed.” But the only things that change are the ones Rev. Leslie allows to change, correct? So who died and made him God? I’ve wanted to ask other this question when they insist that we keep only the Old Testament laws they agree with, but never had the courage.

  2. Dan M. Says:

    I’ve tried quoting “woe to ye that are rich, for you have your reward now” and was told he _really_ meant _rich towards yourself, not wealthy_. But, I got enough discomfort from the other person so that they finally agreed that we both interpret the inspired word of God.

    IMHO, my view is that the liberals in the PCUSA should respond to the Conservative call to rededicate ourselves to a sciptural understanding with a strong affirmative, and then start talking about how we can learn tools for interpreting scripture….have better adult education, etc. I’m all for a biblically based church….as long as it’s the whole of scripture, not 6 selected verses.

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