New Presbyterian Survey

The office of Vital Statistics and Surveys of the Presbyterian Church have released a new survey on Presbyterian leader’s behavior. The Survey gives a snapshot into the Sociological characteristics of Presbyterianism at the beginning of the 21st century. Survey coordinator Dr. Sylvia Darlington says that she is not really surprised by the categories Presbyterians find themselves falling into.

“They seem to fall into the same category as mid-level managers at large corporations” she relates. “They are the ones that have moved up the ladder but seem to be stuck in a career rut.”

Dr. Darlington concludes this can be seen in an inability to vision past survival and an aversion to incorporating outsiders into power sharing. It is also interesting that some leaders seem to be unable to ask for help. One consistent attitude was that some leaders like to lecture each other about what is wrong, without offering concrete solutions.

“I call it the sanctimonious syndrome” Dr. Darlington says with a laugh. “It is funny that what is wrong always seems to be outside of their sphere. They can’t see that they are in the center of a problem, not observing a problem.”

Dr. Darlington did say that she was encouraged by the anomaly that some leaders did seem to be able to laugh at themselves when they could see that this behavior was funny to observers. The other encouraging sign was that they are strongly committed to the Presbyterian Church and this is a strong witness to its future vitality.


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