Frances Wolverton’s Moving Violations

You know that I rarely get too riled up about much. Yet, lately there is something that has been like a girdle left in the dryer too long. It is the great amount of nepotism, simony and indulgences that I see rampant in the church that Rev. John Knox so fondly started.

When I was going through catechism as a little girl at First Presbyterian Church Miller Gap Cove we used to learn about the history of the Reformation of which our great Presbyterian Church was a part. We were told that one reason that a reformation was needed was because of Simony, Indulgences and Nepotism. It seems that many have forgotten some of the founding reasons for our reformed traditions.

When I go to Presbyterian institutions I hear, “Oh, we have hired the husband as an employee of this institution and whoops the wife is working somewhere else in the building.” “Oh that person is on the Board of Trustees, the Session or the deacons because they have the right stewardship potential.” Or that pastor was hired because he had a successful career before he went into the ministry. It seems that if you are related, have money or power we are more than willing to sell our birthright in the Reformed movement. Esau would be proud.

It’s time for the same tired families and power circles to quit dominating the democratic landscape of the Presbyterian Church. I don’t care what major chain of discount store your family owns, you can’t own this Presbyterian! No amount of money will save you from your redeemer on judgement day!


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