Spirit Sighted/Cited Near Presbyterian Center

It was just like any other Tuesday Chapel at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Professor of Christian Education and Home Economics Rev. Dr. Betty Burnbaum prepared for leading worship. All went well until after the corporate confession of faith.

Like she has done 10 times before in her long professorship Dr. Burnbaum assured the gathering that “In Jesus Christ we are forgiven.” It was after she had uttered these words that an uncontrollable force came over her. As she has related to this reporter, “I no longer had any control over my tongue.”

“Shackalamatellballadingdong!” she shouted as her arms inexplicably raised toward the sky.

Fortunately, Rev. Dr. Michael Jinkins was in the congregation and was able to inform the stunned Presbyterians that he believed that Dr. Burnbaum was participating in glossolalia. So, Dr. Jinkins thought it best for everyone to sneak out of the chapel silently as not to disturb Dr. Burnbaum whom had by now cornered a student in a wheel chair with a vial of oil from the Holy Land.

Dr. Jinkins has promised an investigation into this manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

“We will put together a crack theological team. They will write together a paper by June that it will be printed in our theological journal in the Fall.” Dr. Jinkins assured seminary students in their weekly email. We have also heard that the board of trustees has put together a special subcommittee of the until now defunct Committee on unexplained phenomena.

We will keep you posted.


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