Anonymous Online Atheists Most Negative Group

In a surprising public poll anonymous online Atheists are perceived as one of the most negative groups in America in a new Silly Walk poll. They have even overtaken perennial villains Christian Fundamentalists. This poll made a distinction between anonymous atheists and those who argue in the public square with their full identity.

“I think that it starts with their elitist and prejudiced worldview. In their comments online they show a callous intolerance for people who might think differently than them. They seem bent on an apologetic for progress and science that often is as evangelical as many fundamentalists” contents pollster Jenny Deweybottoms. “They fill religious individuals comment boxes with what in any other group would be considered bigotted hate speech. Yet, since they are considered liberal they are given a pass.”

When looking for a comment by an Atheistic blogger Silly Walks reporters could only find anonymous and phony names. Yet, we did find plenty of comments on twitter.

Atheist Blogger and twitter personality @Atheitastic commented on his twitter stream, “Religion has caused every murder that the planet has ever seen. All Christian’s are murderers!” As well as arguing, “Fantasies and Fairy tales are all these stupid people believe in. Computers don’t need faith and neither do I.”

@Nothingoutthere commented, “These silly, misguided people should be more educated by Richard Dawkins. I read one of his book and it was good.”

@Forgetgod said, “Science=progress. Progress is what everyone should believe in.”

@stupidbelievers added, “There is no God, quit forcing your beliefs on me. There is no God, there is no God. There is no God!”

@Godnot reminded us, “My mom and dad forced me to go to a conservative church and even 20 years later I get angry at others talking about God.”

Local philosopher and humanist Bodie Anderson shook his head saying, “it is too bad. We have so much to contribute intellectually to the post-modern ethos to be defined by this small group’s hatred. What they are doing is not rational discussion but regressive prejudice. A prejudice that many atheists abhor. I wish these ‘true believers’ could see that they are acting just like fundamentalists.”

It was also impossible to contact the not at all fundamentalist 😉 Ken Silva for a comment.

Reporter: Brian Merritt


9 Responses to “Anonymous Online Atheists Most Negative Group”

  1. NetShirley Says:

    Nice! I get so frustrated with anonymous abusive jerks – regardless of whether they are atheists or not.

    Believe what you want to believe – but be civil, or at least have the courage to admit to the world that you are abusive and don’t hide behind an anonymous ID.

    Shirley Ostrander
    Proud to stand with and beside Brian Merritt and Carol Howard-Merritt!

  2. Ken Silva Says:

    “It was also impossible to contact fundamentalist Ken Silva for a comment.”

    Better take a refresher reporter course there Brian Merritt, I’m not a fundamentalist.

  3. Ken Silva Says:

    Really, you with a (deleted offensive comment) wife says I submit to a woman’s ministry. Do tell, whoever might this mysterious woman be?

  4. Ken Silva Says:

    Don’t quit your day job “reporter.” How does Ingrid Schlueter giving me a website equal submitting to someone’s ministry? She has nothing to do with that website or my church.

    btw Call whomever you want to. I had nothing to do with that call. Get over it.

  5. Ken Silva Says:

    Way to deal with the substance of my correcting your misinformation.

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