Provocative Local Theologian Hosts Controversial Art

Theologian Rutard Gwiensholder has once again caused quite a stir with his new art exhibition Hate/God. In one corner are crucifixes made of clear candy in which participants are encouraged to smash with hammers. On another wall are beautiful paintings of a bearded, regal deity slashed and paint splashed upon them.

There has been so much controversy that First Presbyterian Church of Smiley Bend has seen constant protesters outside.

“It is just terrible what they are doing to our Lord and Jesus Christ,” Marilynn Knee, founder of the Thomas Kinkade Society of Smiley proclaimed. “I’ve heard that Rutard has made a pact with the Devil to lead these poor souls away from God.”

Rutard explains that “this exhibit is part of an artistic expression that is often missing from religious art, our anger and disconnection with God.”

“If this is the state of the church of Jesus Christ then I think it is time for us to reclaim the truth by going Back to the Bible,” Marilynn replied. “I would rather see something Godly like Thomas Kinkade, but I guess that would not shock you enough.”


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