Frances Wolverton’s Moving Violations

Let me just say that the choir at our church is getting so much better. I remember a few years back when it was just down to Margie and Betty. That is not a choir, that is a duo. I didn’t know what was worse, Margie’s being tone deaf or the high pitched squeal of Betty’s hearing aid. I blame the lack on participation on our younger members. They just don’t seem to be as committed as the greatest generations.

All the trouble began when Glenn tried to do something different with the music. He brought in a guitar and then had people sing to canned music over the sound system. Well, I don’t have to tell you that this ruffled some people’s feathers. I am always willing to go with the flow, but it was one particular Sunday that I felt went over the top. Some blue jean, t-shirt clad youth got up and sung some crazy song called “Waiting for the World to Change.” By the way, not being distracted by tacky clothing is the reason choir robes where invented in the first place. You can imagine how distressed some of us became. Well needless to say it wasn’t long before Glenn had realized that Pandora’s box had been opened. The high school students wanted something called a drum circle in their youth room, good Lord.

Finally, Glenn resigned as choir director (I am sure out of embarrassment). Yet, surprisingly that did not solve the issues. Almost immediately most of the choir quit when Choir Director Emeritus Bobby Jine came out of retirement to lead the fold. I know his dreamy alto is going thin, but he did reside over the choir’s greatest years.

Ever since Caroline has taken over the choir we have seen a few of the old stalwards trickle back into the choir and we even had a special cantata this year. So, bravo brave choir and Melvin you never need to worry about projection.


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