Ministers Over 67 Encouraged to Never Retire

In a new program by the Presbyterian Church’s board of pensions current ministers serving churches who qualify for retirement are being encouraged to work until they die. The program called “You are Called until Death” incentivizes ministers to never retire. With what the Board of Pensions calls “cost saving measures” they are now paying out bonus’ to retirees in hopes that they will pass away before they qualify for any benefits from the program. Internal documents call these “cost savings from imminent demise.”

The only people that seem to be upset about these measures are the seminary graduates who are looking for calls. In another internal memo an executive from the board contends that, “since this population makes up only a fraction of our clients their concerns are negligible and a prudent risk.”


5 Responses to “Ministers Over 67 Encouraged to Never Retire”

  1. Aric Clark Says:

    Yeah. Heaven forbid someone under 50 get a job in this denomination.

  2. Deborah Says:

    My hunch is that as the average age of PSWP pewsitters increases, then the average age of PNC’s increases. And they pick people with “experience” / older cuz they can’t relate to younger people, and certainly not as an authority or spiritual leader. #truth

  3. Dan M. Says:

    Well, the problem is there are few members under 50 in this denomination. 🙂

  4. John Leedy Says:

    I wonder if medical and legal association have this same idea?

  5. Dan M. Says:

    There is one more factor. Small churches have small budgets, and all churches are shrinking. If you look at the calls, the number of associate pastor calls is way down from 4 years ago. Most calls almost requrie a spouse who will support the family and can move to the sticks and keep their job. It is as if the future minister will require an internet based small businessperson as a spouse to be able to afford a call.

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