Goodbye Minneapolis, Thanks For The Memories

This will be my last report from Minneapolis before boarding my Air Tran flight back to Persimmons Hallow. I seem to have lost an entire day in all the hustle and bustle. Thursday night I went to the little restaurant and ordered some of that New York ice tea. I asked them if it was sweetened and they laughed at me. No tip for you! After 3 or 4 refills I realized that I had been out in the heat way too long and was too dehydrated for the tea to help. Woozy and dizzy I went back to my room and literally passed out. Dehydration was certainly the case for the next day I was sicker than a dog and boy did I have a headache.

I heard that the homosexuals were again shunned from getting married. That is all right Glen and Bob, everyone in the Presbytery considers you a legitimate, Presbyterian, married couple (no matter what the Book of Order says).

I decided that I want a job working for the GAMC (I wouldn’t even have to go to church). Lordy, Lordy, Lordy. I was so proud of our great YAADs and TSADs. Yet, the highlight for me was seeing all the mission workers commissioned to do their work for the Kingdom of God.

Well, I have an hour before my flight. I think I will try to find me some tea so that I don’t get dehydrated again.



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