Frances Wolverton At The 219th General Assembly

You know that I am not one to complain. I would usually suffer in silence rather than raise my voice against something that is bothering me. Yet, I feel that something needs to be addressed that has stuck in my craw this entire General Assembly. It our commissioner Sarah Butterworth’s cavalier attitude toward the process.

First of all, she dresses like she never had parents to direct her. Of course we know of her tragic home situation, bless her heart. I’ve been a regular to our local thrift store for many years and I think she fished those garments out of their trash can.

Second, she decided to go out with friends instead of meeting with the Presbytery during our General Assembly get together and square dance.

Third, I can constantly see her whispering to the commissioners next to her and laughing during debate.

Fourth, she has not even visited the booths in the exhibition hall as of yet (I have observed this while tatting at the entrance of the hall). What memories will she have to take back from this historic event?

I hope that The Presbytery of Silly Walks in the Pines will be more sensitive to what is important about General Assembly in the future.



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