Frances Wolverton At The 219th General Assembly

Often times only the hot button issues get reported from committees at the General Assembly. Homosexuality, abortion and ordination standards are sometimes all we hear about. I thought it would be instructive to inform you of some committee recommendations that haven’t made it to the Presbyterian Outlook.

1. Committee 27 determined that Church’s should “no longer be First, but Second Third or Fourth Presbyterian Church.”

2. Committee 73 passed a resolution discouraging Presbyterians from only wearing job bras when they work out.

3. Committee 54 Asked the General Assembly definitive guidance on the Presbyterian response if Aliens should conquer the earth.

4. Committee 42 debated the social justice implications of adopting weasels from the Swat Valley of Pakistan.

5. Committee 36 asked that a task force be set up to investigate the ethics of using Walton family money for church development.

I hope that these help you to be a more informed Presbyterian.



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