Frances Wolverton At The 219th General Assembly

I have been attending committee meetings all day and boy am in a fog. Literally, I am in a FOG about the Form of Government recommendation. Cynthia Bolbach says that it is a good thing. So, I am sure she wouldn’t steer us wrong. I think it should be approved because I like Cynthia so much and she was such a good Sunday School student.

Some of the commissioners told me over overpriced nachos that Committee 12 was going to approve only Gay men’s weddings. This does not solve my niece Rev. Wolverton’s issues.

I was so embarrassed by our Silly Walk commissioner whose name I will not blot. First, he wore white shoes and that absurd leisure suit. Second, he was late for our Presbytery’s GA Sock Hop. Finally, he asked the irrelevant question, “Do dogs and cats go to heaven?” in the committee on Theological Education. Where do we get these people?

I have been going around to the booths and will give you my review this evening.




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