Frances Wolverton At The 219th GA

Who is this Landon Whitsitt? Aside from having too few grey hairs to be in leadership I know relatively little about him. I have seen him bouncing around the convention hall. His energy is almost a mockery of most of the commissioners here. He almost knocked over Martha Gunderson at 73 years young while looking at some device in his hands.

A Vice-Moderator with a tattoo? I am not sure I approve. Well, at least it is of our holy symbol for the Presbyterian church. Still, sign me as a seal over your heart is not talking about tattoos!

Vice-Moderator of the General Assembly means that you are only a heartbeat away from taking over two years of Presbyterian symbolic leadership. It is a huge responsibility listening to the church’s joys, concerns and complaints. As I said earlier I have watched that dreamy Bruce Reyes Chow worn down by a two year process. I hope someone told this youngster that there is no money involved with this position. I am concerned because he looked so happy on stage with Cindy. Well, congratulations young man and I hope you know I am always available for advice.


2 Responses to “Frances Wolverton At The 219th GA”

  1. Landon Whitsitt Says:

    Sister Francis,

    Several days ago, I was made aware of your blog, and I was told that your insight was lengendary and should be heeded if at all possible.

    I welcome any advice you have to give. Feel free to come up on the platform at any time to give it to myself or our Moderator. I’m sure you are well known to GA platform security already, and I don’t think they would mind letting such a pillar of the church have unfettered access to Assembly leadership.

    Rev. Landon Whitsitt
    Vice-Moderator, 219th General Assembly

  2. pastorofdisaster Says:

    I’ve been told that Frances’ only brush with GA security was when she tried to rush the stage when Doug Oldenburg was moderator.

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