Frances Wolverton At the 219 General Assembly

It appears our endorsement of elder Cindy Bolbach has worked! She is the new moderator of the 219th General Assembly. Congrats to our most famous Presbytery member (including notoriously famous). Wearing a smart business suit is always a winner in my book. She looked the part up there. Now she can introduce us to all of her D.C. friends. We expect Pelosi, Reid and Clinton to eventually come into the Presbyterian fold under her smart watch.

I hate to say I told you so, but all those new fangled tubes and wires caused quite a ruckus. You should return to the purest way to vote, by yelling. Any good moderator will be able to discern percentages with a good ear.

Shame on those 80 people who were not in the hall for the moderator vote. I hope that their margarita and nachos tasted good.

I hope the concierge has found me a JoAnn’s Fabrics so I can replace the bobbin in my Bernina.



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