Frances Wolverton At The 219th General Assembly!

Can you believe that the General Assembly is already on us. It seems like only yesterday that we were together in San Jose, California celebrating our connectional church and watching Presbyterians dance. Now we are in the bustling metropolitan area of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. Since we believe in the sainthood of all believers I am grateful that we are not meeting this year in St. Paul.

We are excited that one of the candidates for Moderator of the General Assembly is one of our own. We have wholeheartedly endorsed Cynthia Bolbach this year. She is one of the earliest members of our non-geographical presbytery.

My trip to Minneapolis was too eventful in my mind. I had layovers in Tempe, Denver and Cleveland before my Air Tran flight touched down in Minneapolis! Good lord woman quiet that child! She cried the entire flight. Parents these day.

Well I ran into our outgoing moderator, Bruce Reyes Chow at the hotel. I was shocked and surprised at how much he has aged during this job. I am not sure that going to a GA every other year has been good for the moderator’s health. Judge for yourself. This is Bruce two years ago:

Here is how I found him at the hotel:

I am going to find a place that has drinks with plastic umbrellas until the moderator election. Enjoy the live streaming at:


2 Responses to “Frances Wolverton At The 219th General Assembly!”

  1. Melissa Lynn DeRosia Says:

    Wow… if serving as moderator of the PC(USA) turns everyone into a scary looking white dude… Frances you may want to do your duty and warn some of those candidates who are up for election.

  2. pastorofdisaster Says:

    Frances told me that she warned Cindy that it was too much work for no pay. Frances strongly believes that a workman/woman deserves their pay.

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