New Church Planted

The Presbytery’s highly successful church planting has another congregation to add to its burgeoning New Church Development program. Program coordinator Ryan Kemp-Pappan has been a universally accepted expert on future developments in the church and through his successful steering the Presbytery will have a bright and productive future.

It started when the presbytery sold off some churches under a membership of 20 people and had over 500 seats in its sanctuary. The remaining sanctuaries were deconstructed and sold to architectural companies. The land in the most strategic locations was were new churches were to be planted.

It started with one yurt until the Presbytery’s new churches has become known as the celebrated “Yurt Churches”. These churches have become nationally recognized for their transformation of huge energy inefficient behemoths into cheap, green facilities. The newest is on Broad Street and Main.

Funkytown Presbyterian Church should be hard to miss with its wild murals painted on the Yurt’s outside wall. Organizing pastor Rev. Cindy Taylor is grateful for the opportunity that the Presbytery has given her.

“It is increasingly hard for graduating students of seminary to get positions because of the economy and the Board of Pensions encouraging ministers not to retire. That is why the Presbytery’s program of primarily hiring recent seminary grads for these Yurt Churches is such an encouraging sign.”

Funkytown not only used Presbytery funding for its extraordinary growth but also has the Presbytery Foundation’s “Investment in the Church’s Future” grant to thank. Bravo Funkytown and here’s to an exciting future!


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