Failed Pastor of Home Church Begins Heresy Hunters Blog

The Rev. Ted Silvan has been keeping the church honest his whole career. “Some people just don’t like the truth,” he claims with a laugh. So, when he could no longer survive as the minister in his Vermont church of 8 people Ted decided it was time to take action. He has started the online ministry Heresy Hunters and it has caused quite a stir.

“Well sometimes the seed falls on rocky soil” he surmised as over the years his church dwindled in membership. “So, I looked around and since the Bible’s truths are plain to see I figured someone needed to point out to the rest of the church the dangers of false prophets and those who have renounced the glory of God.”

Primarily Ted has focused on his fellow ministers in the Presbytery, but recently he has branched out to blast such a diverse group as John Piper, Rick Warren, Billy Graham, John Hagee, Jim Wallis, Tony Jones and Richard Land. He even criticized Rev. Desmond Tutu during the invocation at a recent local Tea Party Event.

Ted is not stopping anytime soon. He sees the church as morally corrupt and ripe for “God’s righteous justice.” He knows that God is calling him to expose the truth and that even if the facts are wrong, he has truth on his side.


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