From the Back Pew By Frances Wolverton

I am going to touch on something that no one wants to acknowledge, something that is taboo in our entertainment driven culture. We can talk about gay sex until we are blue in the face, health care and our feelings. Yet, why can’t we talk about the fact that your children are annoying, are merely average and we don’t care what they want? Maybe it is a sign of the times or our culture, but why should we give your children so many choices? Lordy, I was told last week that the grade school kids voted on what they wanted to learn in Sunday School!

Parents of today your little angels are just not that special. So, when you are asking us what programs we are instituting to keep your children’s interest maybe you ought to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “Where did I go wrong as a parent?” Quit being wusses and letting your children’s tastes run your lives! Don’t give them a choice if they sing in the children’s choir on Sunday, let them determine if they are too tired to go to church and for Lord sake go to church for your own well being, not for theirs. Your strong faith and character is more important as a parent than the fact that they enjoy something.

Oh and if Sally hits the piano keys one more time on the way to children’s church I am going bring a Kazoo the next time she makes one of her precious solos on the recorder.


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