First Church Outsources Missions

After much discussion and visioning First Presbyterian Church of Metro City has hit upon a novel way of being “missional” in a post-modern context. They have decided to outsource their mission work to Bangladesh.

“We were troubled that all that we were doing was writing checks to an organization that we had no real connection” argues Rev. Whitney Boarsteen. “We met for 13 weeks of discernment with being missional church as our guideline. We thought that the church had to be missionary in its outlook and then after 11 meetings the Spirit told us what we needed to do.”

Feeling that missions has historically been intricately tied to the movement of Western commerce worldwide First Church decided upon a plan to witness to Christ’s love in our changing global economy.

“We talked to our Presbyterian executives working at Wal Mart and they put us in touch with the people we needed to contact.” claims elder Mary Summer. “These people are now making hand bags for Wal Mart and and hand bags for our local women’s shelter. We get so much more for our Mission buck and knowing that we are giving the chance for children to help their families is an added bonus.”


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