From the Back Pew by Frances Wolverton

If you are over the age of 50 then you get the day off from reading today’s post. This is for the youth in the church. As a person of mature faith I am only concerned out of love for your spiritual well being and there is something that I have noticed that may hinder your growth as good Christians. It is that you never enter the most under used part of our church, the library.

This room should be more than a place that committees and the session meets. Take a look at all the wonderful books that adorn the shelves in that room. Historic missionary biographies, the sermons of Peter Marshall, the spiritual writings of Corrie Ten Boome, Youth magazines resources donated by the 1988 youth group and the tapes of the sermons by our best pastor Rev. Dr. Harvey Snuddison are all there for your discovery.

Mabel Mortenson put so many hours into organizing and labeling all the books in the 1970’s, God rest her soul. She was a saint in this church and it is really a shame that one of you young folks do not take up the library as she once did. These books, tapes and magazines are a precious link to a time when our church was vibrant, growing and alive. I think if we could just explore what made us so successful back then in this library, maybe we will return once again.


3 Responses to “From the Back Pew by Frances Wolverton”

  1. suzi w. Says:

    ooh, I love church libraries! (says the public librarian)

  2. Phil Says:

    Are William Barclay’s commentaries available in your library?

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