From the Back Pew by Frances Wolverton

I have tried to be nice, I have tried to be reasonable and Lord knows I have shown the patience of Job. I can no longer keep my mouth shut about what has been going on at First Church over the past year! Everyone knows that I am the social committee chair and I take this responsibility very seriously. So, if everyone would abide by the parameters of common decency in the kitchen our church would run so much better.

First, return the silverware! I have been counting the spoon, forks and knives after every function and have found that we are missing 3 spoons, 4 forks and 1 Knife. I realize that the price of silver has gone up on the open market, but God will judge you if you are selling it and putting the money in your pocket.

Second, if you are taking hand and tea towels home to be washed make sure they return to the kitchen. I know that some of you young folk think that these donated towels aren’t good enough, but making a promise to wash them and then throwing them away is not acceptable.

Third, ask before you throw plastic trays away! I think this is self explanatory.

Fourth, please do not ignore me when I tell you to do something during coffee hour. I am in charge of the kitchen and I would appreciate you recognizing that.

Fifth, we need more people to sign up for events. We seem to have had a steady decrease in volunteers over the last year in the kitchen.


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