Local Theologian Squats on Capital Dome

Our own local theologian is at it again. The Rev. Dr. Marvin Sneddon has decided to squat on the Capital’s dome next to the head of the Statue Freedom. Sneddon claims he will do this until the government addresses some issues that he says are critical to the Kingdom of God.

Sneddon’s declaration included statements like: “We must address the environment, these continued conflicts overseas and corruption of our elected leaders.” “The market has become our religion in the United States.” “Most of the church can not separate it’s addiction to capital from AIG’s.” “The richest nation in the history of humankind can give billions to making unnecessary military weapons, but they can’t do anything to stop a home from being foreclosed upon. In the midst of this tragedy the church has little to say.” Sneddon makes a statement that goes on in detail, but we do not have the time to cover his concerns in detail.

On the way to a meeting with banking lobbyists Presbyterian and Democratic representative Michael Small said, “Does he have a radio show? I just thought they were doing work up there. Tell him he can stop in my office and give his concerns to one of my interns. We take all the opinions of all our constituents seriously.”


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