From the Back Pew by Frances Wolverton

I keep hearing the younger generation harping on transparency and equality in the Presbyterian Church and I think it is high time someone does something with these naysayers. They don’t realize the victims that they are hurting. Take my husband Bill Wolverton, he is almost afraid to set foot in a church because he will have to listen to something he does not understand.

“Slow and steady for the people of the middle way” has always been my motto. I personally do not see the problem in the fact that there are no women in leadership on committees for our Presbytery (I know for a fact that some of those men would prefer to wear dresses anyway). Those wise and respectable men can understand my feelings and emotions as a woman. They will take those things into account every time they vote on my behalf.

Plus, many of us older women are tired of shouldering all the work. So, we need mature men in their place. These younger women haven’t put in the years to understand the system, culture and traditions well enough. Some of them aren’t originally from the Presbyterian Church. They also need to start going to Presbyterian Women meetings every second monday at noon!


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