“Persecuted” Conservative Church Leaves Presbytery

After enduring victory or compromise as a minority group in the Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church of Mirror Bend has left the Presbytery in disgust. They will be joining the Presbyterian Evangelical Church in America.

A statement from Rev. Irv Meddlesom reads: “We really thought by limiting the access to gays and lesbians in the church, barring gay marriage and bringing apostates up on charges that we could redeem this denomination. These liberal, modernists keep wanting us to sit at the table and talk. They want to understand us. It is one thing to keep winning most battles, but it is another to have to have all this dialogue. You don’t believe in moral absolutes, so what is there to understand? We can’t participate in a denomination that persecutes us. We are being forced out of the denomination because of our traditional reformed views. So, goodbye to all our friends and thank you for the money that you have granted us for all our New Church Developments.”

Many of the elders had mixed emotions about the departure. Gerald Beggins lamented, “Now that we are around so many people like us I hope that we don’t lose our zeal for making people conform to truth?”

This may be the reasoning behind Rev. Meddlesom’s latest project “Presbyterian Forum.” It even has a section titled Apostasy. Even though they are gone, we expect to be hearing from Rev. Meddlsom and First Church for years to come. Goodbye First Church and we wish you well.


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