Bake Sale Backlash!

It all started when Mary Johnson decided not to cook her award winning rhubarb crumble for this year’s bake sale at First Presbyterian Church of Persimmons Grove. This was of course the first year in 40 that 73 year old Mary had not baked her crumble for the Women of the Church/Presbyterian Women annual bake sale and bandage roll. This little act of defiance was directed at Clarice Sukal the youngest member of the local PW group and Mary’s junior by 35 years. It all began when Clarice suggested that the group drop the bandage rolling part of the annual event during last month’s planning meeting.

Minutes of the meeting revealed the contentious nature of the planning. Clarice pointed out that, “nobody really does bandage rolls anymore. You can buy bandages already rolled at the drugstore”

To which Mary slammed her hands down on the table and said “Tell that to our boys at war! We have vets in this church who would be offended by your suggestion. I have been doing this sale for 40 years and I have had enough of this.” Apparently Mary stormed out of the meeting and drove away erratically in her Lincoln Continental.

This year’s participation by Women in First Church was at an all time high and the Presbyterian Women raised more money for Church World Services than they have ever done in their history.


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