First Church Gives Away and Grows!

First Presbyterian Church has seen an incredible amount of growth over the last few months and elders on session attribute it to the forward thinking of their pastor. The Rev. Terry Brubacker has always been flashy and flamboyant in both his ministry as a pastor and as a successful Contemporary Christian Musician from the early 1970’s. Asking Jesus into his heart during the Jesus Movement at the Calvary Chapel church in California Terry formed his band Jezuz Phreaks. His band soon toured the country with such well known Contemporary Christian Pioneers as Lamb Chops, Sweet Nails and Free Will Society. It wasn’t until the 1980’s when his band’s popularity waned that he converted to the Presbyterian Church.

Now, First Pres. is seeing unprecedented growth because of its Sunday giveaways. Terry got the idea one afternoon after watching the Oprah Winfrey show. People went nuts when Oprah gave away items from underneath the seats at her Chicago studio. So, following suit Terry decided to have some giveaways. They started small, but soon the church was giving away HD televisions, iphones and Wii game consoles. Last month the giveaways culminated in Terry’s “Hummer for Jesus” Sunday. In each bulletin a missions envelope contained a key. After the benediction everyone ran out to the parking lot and the individual whose key started the 2010 Hummer was the big winner. Terry says that he expects the crowds to stay with the church after the giveaways come to an end because they really came to find out about Jesus.


2 Responses to “First Church Gives Away and Grows!”

  1. Drew Tatusko Says:

    how blessed. truly a sign the lord has shown favor on him, a great man of god the father-king-lord-master. the great spiritual leftenant of salvation. wealth comes to whom god man king has favored. what a blessing for the poor and afflicted to witness that they too may feel the presence of the lord king-man some day.

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