First Church Serves the Homeless

The annual mission of First Presbyterian Church of Little Destiny comes to a culmination on this Thanksgiving with their basket give away to the homeless. Gourmet coffee, capers, sardines and slightly damaged crackers are all a part of the donations people sacrificed from their pantries to give to those in need. Next month they will begin gathering for their “Cloths with Patches” give away.


2 Responses to “First Church Serves the Homeless”

  1. Leslie Gilreath Says:

    I understand the sarcasm, but I did want to acknowledge that many of our congregations do lots of local mission year -round. My own church has a Food Pantry that provides about 60 bags of groceries a week, plus another 40 or so delivered to those who can’t get to us. Our community churches faithfully supply and staff a soup kitchen daily all year. I know other churches in our area (Presby and not) who take in homeless, provide services for the recently paroled. So, it’s not all leftover capers and caviar. We do occasionally get some of it right.

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