Member of Presbytery To Run For Moderator!

It is with great pride that the Presbytery of Silly Walks in the Pines endorses one of its own as candidate for Moderator of the General Assembly. Elder Cynthia Bolbach was approved by the presbytery by a unanimous vote on tuesday evening.

A tearful Sister Frances Wolverton said, “I remember when Cynthia was in my eighth grade Sunday School class. I had to look up to her then as well. I am so proud of her.”

Ms. Bolbach has many accomplishments both locally and nationally in the Presbyterian Church. None was quite as distinguished as when she chaired the Committee on exclusivity. She broke with the consensus view of the committee to exclude members on the committee under the age of 50. This began her long history of pushing for inclusivity in the church. She was also part of of the controversial group “Rebranding the Trinity”. It was unfortunate that Ted, Kelly and Barbara never quite caught on liturgically.

We know that she will serve with a stout commitment to bringing Presbyterianism into a new century a decade later.


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