Forgotten Church in North Carolina Knows Nothing About Reunion


Long Lost Minister Rev. Clarance Martin with his wife Melba

Clem Ditters, PSWP’s chair of the Historical Committee, made a breathtaking find when he went through the archives of the Presbytery’s records. There is one more church on the roles than anyone knew existed in the mountains of North Carolina. First Presbyterian Church of Gentry Mountain is still where it has been for 150 years. So, Clem decided it was time to take a trip to visit this mysterious church. So, Clem and his wife Telulah hoped into their Winnebago and headed for the south.

“It was an amazing experience. They did not know about reunion, they had no idea where the Presbytery office was located and they didn’t even know that the moderator of the General Assembly was Bruce Reyes-Chow. They told me that they kinda lost track over time and that they had the same minister for so long that they had lost touch. Services had not changed in the 40 years since they had a previous contact with the Presbytery. When I worshipped with them I was relieved to note that their services were exactly like mine back home. I guess good things never change.”

One benefit of this find was that friends and colleagues of Rev. Clarance Martin were relieved to find out that he was not dead.


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