5 Books To Put On Your Shelf

As we enter into autumn we here at PSWP are always trying to help our Presbyterian friends look smarter. So, once a year we publish a list of books that should be displayed prominently on your shelf. This is so that others who visit for dinner parties and Christmas open houses will be impressed by your intelligence (we are the educated denomination after all). I suggest that you read the cover and the introduction to have a sufficient knowledge to carry on an intelligent conversation.

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5


3 Responses to “5 Books To Put On Your Shelf”

  1. rev edd f. carlson Says:

    more presbyteries should be like this

  2. rev edd f. carlson Says:

    the need for education is always there. these books will leave me better prepared to keep up with what is happeening

  3. Beth Says:

    Most presbyteries ARE like this— they just don’t, can’t, won’t acknowledge their blessed absurdidtes.

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