Highly Sought Position Filled


Historic First Presbyterian Church of New Valley Point has a new minister. Former First Associate Pastor Lou Bigger is the new pastor of the 200 year old church.

Most people in the Presbytery were shocked when First Church’s beloved minister Rev. Tarrel Leighton retired after 35 years of ministry and Rev. Bigger resigned as well. Even more shocking was the relative calm in which the church itself sustained during that whole transition. In quick succession the interim was in place, a pastoral nominating committee was formed and a Church Information Form was put on call referral service.

First Church found itself flooded with Personal Information Forms from pastors from around the country looking at this unique position. Many were women who thought that since First was historic in the women’s suffrage movement that this would be the time was right for a woman head of staff. Now eight months later the position is being filled by Rev. Bigger.

“He was merely the best candidate out of the whole field, we took very seriously the other candidates,” Pastoral Nominating Chair Elmer Deacon claims.

“That is poppycock” a steamed Dr. Rev. Edna Gilchrest. “Rev. Bigger had only been an Associate at First for a very short time when he left. He had only been a minister for a few years before that. I was asked to apply for the position and I have a depth of experience that Biggers could only dream of. It is not that I am against Rev. Biggers, he is a wonderful man. I just hate being asked to apply so that a committee can claim they had multiple candidates or that they had a woman in their final list. It just was a waste of all of our time if this was going to be an inside job anyway.”

COM chair elder Margaret Waste reported to the presbytery when asked about the awkward appearance of this call, “We were just glad to get the pulpit filled. Have you seen how much work we have to do?”

Whatever the case may be congrats to Rev. Bigger and we wish you all the luck in the world.


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