Church Development Committee Searching for Next Buzzword


Members of Development Committee wait to type out new buzzword

After running through words like developmental, transformational, emergent and missional the Presbytery’s Church Development Committee is taking advice for what should be their new buzzword.

“We are closely monitoring what is coming out on Zondervan. They usually have their pulse on how to brand the evangelical church so that it doesn’t seem so irrelevant. We have figured for years that if we just ape what they are doing then we will be relevant 2 times removed,” claims committee chair Vance Keller.

“We are thinking that it will be something with the name Christ in the word this time around. EnerChrist is my bet, I have heard it is testing good in Southern California and Florida. Plus, we all kinda think it sounds cool,” committee member Rufus Tuttle confesses.


One Response to “Church Development Committee Searching for Next Buzzword”

  1. This is all too funny and all too true « Toward a Hopeful Future Says:

    […] This is all too funny and all too true Church development committee searching for new buzzword […]

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