As Economy Worsens Clergy Find New Ways to Cope


As unemployment inches higher many Pastor’s in the Presbyterian Church are finding that their budgets are beginning to tighten. Their churches are coming up with creative ways to deal with this crisis without giving more to the church.

Rev. Mitch Cuttleworth: “Although our giving has actually increased during this depression, and most of our members are upper-middle class my session was sufficiently frightened by everything going on around them. So, we decided to cut our mission budget. I know that it was a bad time to cut off the money to the local shelter, but that cut sure gave my people peace of mind.”

Rev. Sally Newton: “It was only good stewardship to lay off our janitor. I just feel bad that he has been looking for another job for months now. I am so sick of cleaning the toilet.”

Rev. Butch Muklusky: “They asked me to take a cut because they felt they must protect their endowment’s principle. So, I moved to part-time for the good of the church. Of course I lost my benefits and I am traveling to church on an antique scooter, but someone needed to make a sacrifice.”

Let us know your stories of how your congregations are sacrificing in this economic downturn.


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