First Church Adds New Technology


Elder Mabel Johnson claims this will revolutionize the church. It is the Stratocast 250. She and the session at First Presbyterian Church of Innovation Plains are installing one immediately in their sanctuary.

When Rev. Clarence Miller retired after 30 years in the ministry the church formed a Pastoral Nominating Committee to find a new minister for First Church.

“We were shocked at the cost of a minister. Minimums, professional expenses and so on…these ministers today just expect too much. What about serving God instead of mammon? Rev. Miller didn’t need all these things. His family had inherited a fortune for their inventions for the chemical industry. We just decided that we would have to dip into our savings to hire a minister. If we didn’t have that $500,000 in the bank, then we might as well close this church” Willis Crane, clerk of session, contends.

The Stratocast 250 became their solution. For $150,000 First Church was able to install this equipment that picks up all the sermons being preached on Sunday for a 100 mile radius. Now they don’t have to hire a minister to get the minister experiences. Bravo First Church!


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