Church Purchases Iron Lung For Sanctuary


First Church of Tammy Lane has purchased a most unusual sermon illustration. It is an iron lung to place in their sanctuary for their 2,500 members to contemplate when H1N1 vaccines become available for the general public in the upcoming weeks.


2 Responses to “Church Purchases Iron Lung For Sanctuary”

  1. R Says:

    oh, good! I thought it was for the congregation itself…

  2. The Rev'd Dr. Heg E. Mony, Jr. Says:

    The iron lung is obviously a symbol of Irresistible Grace.
    Are we not all dead in our sins and sustained in life only through our absolute dependence on Grace? Friends, all of us are in a spiritually *worse* condition than any resident of an Iron Lung …. except that we rely not on some fickle electrical service, rather the Spirit upon which we depend upon is eternally reliable!
    I have heard of some congregations requiring “life-support” but any allusion to an iron lung is entirely disingenuous as is any metaphor of confinement, fixity or obsolescence.
    In Quo,

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