Minister Refuses To Recant Comments About Obama


Rev. Harold Thompson III is standing firm on his comments equating President Obama’s policies to former Ugandan Military leader Idi Amin. In a sermon on October 11 Thompson claimed that Obama’s heath care system is like the despot’s, but gave no example how.

Generally Executive Presbyter Georgia Smith says that up until now, “the Presbytery has pretty much ignored Rev. Thompson. He is after all 88 and going a bit senile. We pretty much think that these outbursts are from people that don’t like seeing their power ebb into the minority.”

Southern Baptist Ethics and Politics President, Republican activist and Rev. Thompson’s close friend Richard Lind claims that, “I sent him the Republican Committee’s talking points and it appears that he got his historical comparisons wrong. I don’t know how he got Hitler and Amin mixed up! I’ll set him straight. I suspect he will apologize for the Amin comment eventually and get the comparison right.”


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