Silly Walk’s Presbyterian Historical Society Remembers Days Without Unions


It was a time when men owned companies and freedom was as far as a man who owned a factory could see. They were times when people like Carnegies, Pullmans and Rockefellers could build cathedrals to themselves. These were the days in the Church before strong unions and they are being celebrated this week by our Historical society.

“Sure there were some minor societal ills like child labor, lack of women’s rights, no minimum wages, unlimited workdays without breaks, no vacations or days off for the ordinary workers, but look what wonders these owners wrung from the sweat of anonymous people. Churches, libraries, museums and theaters are the philanthropic legacy of those refined people. They are heroes.” Herman Everyman explains.

“In time the market would have allowed these workers to share in the wealth, but unions wanted to take money away from these men. I think we are seeing the church suffer from it today,” Rev. Mary Sumner claims. Mary toils prepares for the 30 people who will attend the Cathedral like First Presbyterian Church of Helmut Peobody. The church was never the same after the final Peobody took his trust fund and left for the Cayman Islands.

“If we could just have more people like the Waltons, Gates and Buffetts become philanthropic patrons of the church we could return to the golden age of mainline denominations,” Mary says with a sigh.


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