Lectionary Help

Billy Sunday,  1922

So, it is Sunday morning and you do not know what to preach! What can you do? That is where the new service of the Presbytery of Silly Walks in the Pines comes in called Lectionary Help. Lectionary help will be filled with sermon templates where you fill in the blanks to personalize them.

Here is an example:

I remember when I was a child and I experienced the harsh reality of learning something I didn’t want to know. It all began (fill in personal story here)

We use the latest commentaries in our examples as well and give you multiple choices of quotes so that when you say “The (fill in the blank) commentary calls a two edged sword…” Here you will be able to pick the scholar that most closely represents your personal belief systems.

We hope that this new service will enhance your ministry and be a blessing to your congregations.


2 Responses to “Lectionary Help”

  1. Katie Mulligan Says:

    Where do I send my $19.99? LOL

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